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7 years ago, I hung out my shingle as the solo operator of Bobsled Marketing, a company I founded from my 1-bedroom apartment in New York.

Today I’m pleased to announce that Bobsled Marketing has been acquired by Acadia, a new breed of a digital marketing agency. 




This is a proud moment for me, as Bobsled progresses into its next phase. It is real validation that Acadia, a company that I have come to respect greatly, recognizes the dedication and talents of the Bobsled team (“Bobsledders”), the trust and goodwill of our amazing clients, and the trusted brand that we have built in the retail marketplace ecosystem. 

I’m excited about this transition and the new opportunities that it offers our valued clients and the Bobsled team:

  1. A one-stop digital marketing experience for mid-market companies. Mid-market retail brands are dealing with increasing complexity. At the same time, these brands desperately want to rationalize the number of solution providers that they need to engage to execute their SEO, SEM, social media, web development, and analytics capabilities. Bobsled, as part of Acadia, will form part of a comprehensive solution set that is specifically designed to serve ambitious mid-market brands.
  2. New industry opportunities. The world of retail marketplaces and retail media is changing at warp speed. Already navigating several retail media and marketing channels, they are looking down the barrel at an increasingly fragmented shopping experience. We want to guide our clients in mastering new platforms and capabilities. This is a vision that we share with Acadia, and together we’ll have more resources to act on these opportunities.
  3. Culture fit. The proudest moments of my entrepreneurial career have not been the industry recognition or growth milestones, but when Bobsledders tell me “this place is unlike any place I have worked before”. We have been pioneers in creating a thriving fully-remote company culture, where respect, teamwork, and grit are on display every day. After a lot of conversations with the founders and leaders within Acadia, it became clear to me that we share common values and a common vision for the industry’s future.

In a service business like Bobsled, our people are the business. So I’m pleased to find a company where our quirks are appreciated and our values align. I will personally be continuing the journey with Acadia, along with the rest of the Bobsled team.

I have a great deal of respect for the founders of Acadia, Jared Belsky (previously CEO of 360i) and Sean Belnick (previously CEO of ecommerce company bizchair.com). Together we will build something great.


“In this next stage of growth for Bobsled Marketing, we are thrilled to bring Acadia’s strengths in paid search, SEO, web development, and social media to our clients. And we look forward to contributing to the success of Acadia clients through our industry-leading Amazon and retail marketplace expertise.”


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