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With record-breaking Q4 profits squared away, Amazon sellers are starting to think about the best strategies for 2022. There are several key factors that can assist brands in generating bigger sales when Q1 arrives. It’s clear that we continue living and shopping in the 'new normal’, and a lot of this past year’s online shopping trends persist in the wake of the pandemic. 

Now is a more important time than ever for brands to review and utilize every tool in the wheelhouse. Bobsled expert Lindsay Baker reviews the most important factors to consider for brands looking to sell on Amazon in 2022. What trends will be carried over from 2021? Are there significant changes that sellers should be aware of in order to produce higher rates of success? 

The ability to answer these questions is what has landed Bobsled a spot in the new Inc. 5000 list as one of the most influential Amazon brand marketing agencies. Take a look at these top tips to guide your launch into a new year of growth.




Leverage All Available Tools

Bobsled mentioned back in July that it is important to emphasize all of the tools that Amazon makes available to you through your Seller Central platform and beyond. 

Continue using these tactics: 

Amazon Posts

Amazon Posts and the Manage Your Customer Engagement tool are fairly new, but they are both pretty important (and free!) tools that can help facilitate more direct forms of brand-to-consumer interaction. 

One of our Bobsled clients had about 600 followers before they started using Amazon Posts. Once they started posting on a consistent basis (typically a few times a week), the number of followers increased to over 2,500 in just 2 months. While not every single new follower can be attributed to Posts, AMZ downloadable reports show how many followers viewed or clicked on Posts as a measure of their lead generation value. 


The MYCE Tool

A useful tool for measuring your interactions and impressions with customers, the MYCE tool can keep your priorities organized. It stands for Manage Your Customer Engagement, and it will be a crucial tool in helping you build up strong, long-term relationships with frequent Amazon shoppers. As a positive side effect, it can also give your new products more face time on buyers’ dashboards.


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Emphasize an Increase in Followers

There is a reason why we recommend looking at Posts as an effective strategy to start out with at the top of 2022. Now, customers can choose to follow your seller page through the storefront or via your Posts. Additionally, the new MYCE tool can directly track the number of followers you are getting across your entire brand. 

Amazon’s brand loyalty video gives a quick visual understanding of the many ways in which this dynamic tool works, and how you can use it to best benefit your brand. Please note that this tool is still in beta and is expected to increase its capabilities and features over a short amount of time. 


Drive Relevant Off-Amazon Traffic to Your Listings

The unique advantage of taking an omnichannel approach to your eCommerce business is that you have the opportunity to generate traffic on and off Amazon. 

If you are open to an off-Amazon marketing campaign, you should trial this strategy at the top of 2022 to drive some existing customers and new prospects to the Amazon marketplace. By using social media and email platforms, you’ll be able to gain invaluable data about how you converted that traffic and which channel converts best for your brand. 


How to Convert Off-Amazon Traffic:

  • Register for your Brand Referral Bonus Program if you haven’t already. You can get bonuses of around 10% of the sales you drive to Amazon. 

  • Schedule campaigns and blasts on a regular basis and get off-AMZ customers to come to Amazon to get the best information.

  • Reach out to audiences that are already familiar with your brand as they will be easier to convert. 

  • Send Amazon paid traffic to your Storefront through Facebook, Instagram, and Google ads.

It is now easier than ever to convert traffic through different channels using Amazon’s built-in tools, and we expect this will make an even bigger impact as 2022 dawns. 


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Consider an Influencer Marketing Strategy that Includes TikTok

Bobsled experts first started talking about this in early 2021, and we feel it bears repeating: It’s time to think about influencer marketing. This is a great way to collaborate with individuals or groups who have clout on social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. They can spread the word of your products for you, which is a simple yet powerful way to make your brand awareness go viral. 

Influencer marketing on TikTok has absolutely skyrocketed over the past year, and especially since the height of COVID-19. It’s important to leverage this popular platform to connect with a network of influencers to get your products and brand in front of thousands of fresh faces. 


Bobsled Client Sees Sales Increase Through TikTok

One of our clients had an average daily sales record of around $175 per day, month over month. After an unexpected TikTok video featured their best-selling item, their sales shot up to $582 per day for that whole month. The halo effect continued as their sales continued to grow to reach up to $2,000 per day. This carried over into the following month when the availability of the featured SKU began to decrease. But even with some inventory struggles, this seller’s account as a whole continues to see average daily sales increases of about 95%, where they are currently averaging $342 per day.


Prioritize Adding Video to Your Amazon Listings and Storefront

Everyone is starting to realize that investing in the best product and brand videos is essential to a steady increase in sales. Effective Amazon videos show the product in action, talk about what makes your brand unique, and detail the features of your product that can fulfill whatever need or concern your customer may have. 

These videos can be reused and repurposed for the sake of paid advertising and off-Amazon traffic conversion. Studies show that a larger and larger number of consumers prefer to learn about a product by watching videos. These customers are up to 64% more likely to buy the product after first seeing a video demonstrating the product’s features and functions. The snowball can keep rolling when customers then share these videos on their own platform for others to see.


Build Your Credibility on Amazon in 2022 and Beyond!

An omnichannel brand requires an Omni-strategic approach to generate a bigger bottom line in 2022. We’re seeing a continuation of some of the strongest trends that helped brands in 2021 and an influx of new tools and features that can further assist in creating loyal customer-brand interaction. With Bobsled’s expert marketing and data projection insights, you can increase your reach - and subsequent profits - greatly over the coming new year.


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