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At Bobsled Marketing we help brands to launch and grow their revenue on Amazon. Some companies come to us for expert consultancy for one of these three main reasons:

  • They have no existing presence on Amazon and know that they are “leaving money on the table” because of it.
  • Their products are already on Amazon and are being sold by other companies or resellers, resulting in lost revenue and a sub-optimal brand experience for the customer.
  • They have a presence on Amazon but recognize that they might not be performing as well as they could be.

At some point, pretty much all of these companies did a back-of-the-envelope list of pros and cons of managing their own Amazon channel. Usually, each of the pros and cons comes down to the same two principles of business: Time and Money.

  • Do we spend more TIME trying to get this right?
  • How much more MONEY could we be making with a well-optimized Amazon channel strategy?
  • How much MONEY are we losing because of the TIME we’re throwing at this?


3 Main Reasons to Pay an Expert Amazon Consultant

These principles get to the heart of whether you should be thinking less “DIY” solution, and more about bringing Amazon expert consultants in. From our experience with numerous clients, we found there are three very good primary reasons why working with an Amazon consultant, rather than managing your own account, is a profitable and time-saving idea.

Reason 1: With an Amazon consultant by your side, you’re skipping the learning curve.

I just counted the number of individual processes & procedures that we use at Bobsled Marketing to help our clients launch, optimize, and troubleshoot issues on their Amazon account.  We have 58 processes, templates, and checklists which are used every week by our team

Many of those processes are done just once during an Amazon product launch, or if something goes wrong like an unauthorized seller selling a counterfeit version of your product. By managing launches and troubleshooting all day, every day, we are able to quickly take advantage of opportunities and nip problems in the bud. This would take inexperienced sellers days or weeks to figure it out alone.  


Reason 2: Amazon marketing consultants give you access to best practices & industry developments.

Did you know that Amazon spends $10 billion annually on Research & Development? Of course, not all of that is directed toward their ecommerce marketplace, but they are renowned for dreaming up new technologies, testing them, and implementing the ones that work. When you manage your own account, handle the deliveries and your brand’s other web properties, it could be quite difficult to stay current with all the changes and industry developments, and opportunities.

Amazon is constantly evolving their terms of service, search & PPC algorithms, platform capabilities, and launching new programs like the Amazon for Business and Launchpad programs.

All this change can be hard to keep up with. But when you have laser focused Amazon Experts on your team, you have an A-list team keeping up with all these developments and identifying how these changes could possibly help or hinder your business.


Reason 3: Having an expert Amazon consultant handling your account, gives you time to Focus on finding business growth opportunities.

Most companies view Amazon as one of several sales channels for their brand. As anyone who’s tried to spin a lot of plates knows, it’s difficult to manage and grow many different sales, distribution, and marketing channels all at once.

Effective, sustainable product companies never rest on their laurels when it comes to product development. There are always improvements to make, features to implement, new versions to launch, new seasons and trends to consider, new ways to drive down costs and increase profits.

Product and business development activities are strategic, effective ways to drive down costs, reach more consumers, and increase profits. Chief Revenue Officers and Business Development Heads need to allocate their time & resources wisely. Freeing up your company’s time to spend on strategic business and product development will give better leverage than wrestling with product feeds, nerding out on the latest Amazon strategy, or monitoring for unauthorized sellers.



Hiring an expert Amazon consultant to manage your account is a smart, cost-effective and revenue-driven idea for your business. Whether you’re only looking for help for a specific Amazon tool, like  PPC management, or a great product launch strategy, you’re getting more out of working with experts, than doing it yourself.

If you’re considering getting help starting on Amazon, or optimizing your business, Bobsled Marketing might just be what you’ve been looking for! Our Amazon Project Managers handle the Amazon marketplace channel for clients that range from crowdfunded hardware startups to a billion-dollar consumer brand. We can help with:

  • Planning and implementing your brand’s launch on Amazon in the US or international marketplaces
  • Expert management of your Amazon PPC campaigns
  • Consultations, account audits and implementation support for existing Sellers who need expert help identifying how to grow revenue on their account
  • Designing and building A+ content pages for Vendor Express and Vendor Central clients





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