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Trying to keep abreast of Amazon advertising updates is no easy feat. Last week, Stefan Jordev from Bobsled and Michael Foulkes from Pacvue called out all of the major recent changes during a webinar. Find all the conversation highlights below and a link to the webinar replay at the bottom of the article!




Sponsored Display Audiences

In Q4 2020, Amazon introduced views remarketing, allowing advertisers to re-engage audiences who have viewed specific product detail pages but haven’t purchased your products in the past 30 days through the Sponsored Display ad type.


2 audiences


You are able to refine campaigns by brand, price range, star rating, or Prime shipping eligibility, plus set separate bids for each audience and target a broad audience with lookalike. The lookback timeline of 30 days is predetermined by Amazon.

“If you’re already rolling with DSP, it often doesn’t make sense to use Sponsored Display, because DSP is a lot more sophisticated,” explains Stefan. “But for brands looking to dip their toes into upper funnel marketing strategies in the leanest way possible, Sponsored Display is a great solution, and this new update provides some welcome versatility.” 

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Sponsored Brands Video in Additional Countries

Sponsored Brands video ads have been available in the US for a while, and early adopter brands have been enjoying fantastic ROI. These video ads arrived in the UK and Germany at the beginning of September 2020, and they're now available in:

  • France
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • Japan
  • India




“These dynamic and engaging video ads have been so profitable and popular in the US because they allow advertisers to compete in an auction completely separate from other ad types,” explains Michael from Pacvue. “This translates to really efficient ROI. Brands selling in the new markets should be looking to experiment with video ads asap.”

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Sponsored Brand Deal Messaging

Sponsored Brand ads that feature products with live deals will display an updated CTA: “Save up to X% on Brand.”


example 2-1


The Bobsled team is confident this change will be great for improved click through rates and ultimately ROAS, as it will create urgency for browsing shoppers. The best thing about this update is that no additional work required – messaging will be applied automatically based on deal availability.


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Search Term Impression Share Report for Sponsored Products

There is a new Sponsored Products impression report available within the ad dashboard. For each search term, advertisers can see the numeric rank of your account-wide impression share, relative to all the other advertisers generating impressions on the same term. You can also see the percentage of your share of the total impressions for each search term.




“I’m very curious to see exactly how Amazon defines ‘impression share’ with this new feature,” says Michael from Pacvue. “Our standard share-of-voice metric is measuring how much real estate a brand is owning on page one of the search results, so it will be interesting to see how this contrasts with Amazon’s impression share parameters.”


New Market Roll-Outs – Brazil, Netherlands, Poland

Amazon introduced Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands and Stores in Brazil early in December 2020. These same features were also rolled out in the Netherlands in January 2021.

And just last week, Day One announced that Seller Central is now open for selling partners to register their businesses for Amazon Poland.

Deciding when and how to profitably enter a new marketplace is tricky business. The blog post below provides an overview of the opportunity in the Netherlands, and key steps every brand should take when considering Amazon expansion.


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Amazon Marketing Cloud BETA

Amazon has rolled out Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC), a new, holistic measurement and analytics solution, to help advertisers understand how their marketing performs across media channels. Benefits of this centralized solution include:

  • Reaching incremental audiences
  • Developing custom attribution models
  • Exploring new measurement opportunities


AMC, which is built on AWS, is designed to assist Advertisers that are looking for more transparency and flexibility in understanding how their marketing performs across media channels such as search, display, video and audio. It is currently in beta for eligible advertisers.


Amazon DSP Updates

Amazon DSP now supports content based contextual targeting using Oracle Data Cloud’s Standard Predicts product. This feature is available worldwide for Standard display, AAP mobile app and Video line items running on third-party supply sources. Amazon will be absorbing the cost of this offering until pass-through billing is launched.


advertising news


Benefits for users include: 

  • Ads will only show up on contextually relevant sites
  • Higher engagement, improved recall, and increased purchase intent
  • Customers can use contextual targeting to increase ad relevance in third-party supply environments where ad identifiers are not available


ODC Standard Predicts is a keyword based contextual targeting solution. It helps advertisers achieve their reach goals by dynamically expanding a keyword based targeting segment. The segments are refreshed on a daily basis to capture contextual shifts in evolving topics. 

For example, a few months ago, the ‘US Politics Election’ segment would contain keywords around the US elections and the runoffs. Currently, and for the past two weeks, it would include keywords related to the inauguration. Standard predicts segments are built and maintained by Oracle, and are common across advertisers and DSPs.


Watch a full replay of the Bobsled and Pacvue webinar here.



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