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Stefan Jordev

    15 Apr 2021

    How to Get the Most Out of Your Amazon Sponsored Ads Efforts: Bobsled's PPC Philosophy

    As Amazon Sponsored Ads grow in features, numbers, and complexity, hav...

    17 Oct 2019

    Bid Management 201: All Amazon Sponsored Products Sections That Require Bid Management

    Whether you have an in-house team or you are outsourcing your Amazon p...

    12 Jul 2019

    Share of Voice: What It Means for Brands, and How To Measure It and Leverage It

    One of the main challenges that comes with selling on Amazon is the co...

    08 Feb 2018
    | 5 min read

    How Much to Spend on Amazon PPC in 2018

    Please note this is an older article. We advise you to check out the 2...

    11 Jan 2018
    | 9 min read

    The Amazon Sponsored Products Guide for 2018

    For Amazon, Sponsored Products represent the flagship PPC ad type and ...

    12 Oct 2017
    | 8 min read

    How to use an Amazon Storefront to make your brand more money

    Selling on Amazon isn’t easy. It takes effort and, frankly, a lot of t...

    03 Aug 2017
    | 5 min read

    How to Win with PPC in Beauty & Personal Care

    The Beauty & Personal Care category is one of the most exciting ar...

    06 Jul 2017
    | 4 min read

    How inventory stockouts impact your ad campaigns on Amazon

    Everyone who’s been selling on Amazon for at least a month knows the i...

    01 Jun 2017

    How much should I spend on PPC?

    Please note this is an older article. We advise you to check out the 2...

    27 Apr 2017
    | 5 min read

    The 3 Types of PPC Campaigns on AMS and When to Use Them

    Amazon’s Vendor Program comes with perks and downsides. For some brand...

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