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    19 Oct 2022

    Our Lessons From Amazon’s Prime Early Access Sales Event to Super-Charge Your Black Friday in 2022

    Matt Gallagher is a PPC Specialist at Bobsled, an Acadia company Amazo...

    29 Sep 2022

    Two Often-Overlooked Branding Opportunities That Can Give Your Brand an Edge on Amazon

    Julian Galindo is a Client Project Manager at Bobsled, an Acadia compa...

    16 Jul 2020

    Amazon Brand Registry FAQ

    Brand registry on Amazon is a murky topic. Every brand wants more cont...

    09 Jul 2020

    Amazon Suppressed Listing Troubleshooting Guide

    Amazon’s strict policies for product detail pages strive to make the c...

    07 Jul 2020

    Brand Registry 2.0 Benefits

    Brand Registry 2.0 (BR 2.0) enables you to accurately represent your b...

    23 Jun 2020

    What is Brand Gating on Amazon?

    ✍️ By Ivana Kosovac, Bobsled Account Specialist

    19 Mar 2020

    Amazon Account Under Review - Recovery Guide

    We’ve outlined how account suspensions happen, the ramifications of lo...

    09 Jan 2020

    Amazon Project Zero: Fight Counterfeiters With Brand Registry

    ✍ This article was written by Bobsled Marketing Manager Tom Crosthwait...

    19 Dec 2019

    Amazon Changed My Product Category - A Troubleshooting Guide

    ✍ This article was written by Bobsled Marketing Manager Tom Crosthwait...

    03 Oct 2019

    Understanding Vendor Chargebacks and Their Impact on Your Profit Margins on Amazon

    Selling directly to Amazon through their Vendor Central platform is a ...

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